Reality television show dedicated to exploring paranormal activity

Reality television show dedicated to exploring paranormal activity

Reality television show dedicated to exploring paranormal activityReality television show dedicated to exploring paranormal activity

Ghost Hunting Glossary

American Society For Psychical Research – The oldest American organization dedicated to parapsychology. Started in 1884.

Apparition - Ghost or spirit. 

Audio Spectrometry - The use of advanced sound recording devices for capturing paranormal activity.

Debunk - The act of disproving paranormal activity.

Drury Lane Theater – Famous haunted theater in England known for repeated hauntings.

EMF - Electro Magnetic Frequency 

EMF Meter - Device used to read kinetic energy.

ESP – Extra-Sensory Perception.

ESP Test – A scientifically controlled test using cards to determine the psychic ability of an individual.

EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomenon 

EVP Recorder - Sound recorder for white noise.

Ghost Box – Device that uses EVP to communicate with spirits.

Ghost Hunter – Paranormal investigator that uses devices such as an EMF Meter to register and record paranormal activities.

Ghost Hunting – The investigation of paranormal activity.

Ghost Meter – Electro-Magnetic Frequency measurement device.

Haunted House – A home that is inhabited by spirits.

Haunted Item – An item that is inhabited by a spirit such as a doll or television.

Hoax – A widespread fraud perpetrated for the purpose of fame, economic gain, and/or personal gain.

Ideomotor – Unconscious movement caused by the human nervous system.

Lorraine, Ed - Famous American paranormal investigator.

Ouija Board – A board with all the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and yes/no featured on it. It is believed by some that it is a device for contacting spirits and some believe that it is a device to access the subconscious.

Paranormal – Phenomena un-explainable by the scientific community.

Parapsychology – Study of psychic phenomena.

Pluckley Village – The most haunted village in England.

Poltergeist – Kinetic energy. Spirits on the move.

Pseudoscience – Beliefs that are based on half-truths and speculation rather than being based on scientific fact.

Psionics – The study of psychic ability.

Psychic – A person that has ESP.

Salem – Famous Haunted City in the State of Massachusetts in the United States that became famous for the Salem Witch Trials that lasted from 1692 to 1693.

Sceptic – A person that questions paranormal activity and supernatural events.

Spirit Box - Nickname for EVP Recorder.

Stanley Hotel – Famous haunted hotel in Colorado that is known for having a high level paranormal activity. Featured in the Stanley Kubrick movie The Shining.

Supernatural – Events un-explainable by science.

Superstition – The belief that one cause creates an effect on another without any link or logical explanation.